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Who should be a listed driver on my auto policy?

By June 26, 2018October 22nd, 2018Auto Insurance

Insurance eligibility and premiums are assessed based on risk. In order to have an accurate picture of your household’s risk the carriers need to know who has regular access to or use of your vehicles and would typically be considered a member of your household. Regular access/use does not mean a neighbor borrowing your car to get to work one day because theirs is in the shop. Or even a friend borrowing your car for one weekend to move. Regular use applies to household members of driving age that have access to your keys and vehicles or those who reside with you 50% or more of the time. This can include but is not limited to drivers with a learner’s permit, drivers with a permanent license, and roommates. The requirements are carrier specific so you would need to ask your agent to see what your insurance carrier requires.

Some carriers we work with do not require a driver with a learner’s permit to be listed at all. Others want them to be listed but will not charge you for them. Roommates work in a similar fashion. Carriers will typically require them to be listed as drivers but some will give you the chance to list them as “insured elsewhere” so that you are not charged for them.

Withholding driver information or falsifying driver information is considered insurance fraud and could result in denial of a claim and cancellation of your policy. It is better to be up front about who is using your vehicles and how often than to avoid that discussion with your agent and have to pay a claim out of pocket or be placed in non-preferred and more expensive market after a cancellation has occurred. Pursue other avenues to save money like good student or driver training discounts.