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What to Do When My Parent Stops Driving?

Caring for Elderly Parents

Your elderly parent has given up driving. This is difficult for families whether it be by done by the parent’s own will or because they were forced for safety and medical reasons.

Caring for elderly parents can be so challenging physically, emotionally and financially.  You’re trying to make sure they get the proper medical care and attention they deserve. You’re trying to make sure their personal business stays up to date and in check. Plus, you’re trying to make sure your own household is in order. It is enough to bring even the strongest, most resilient person to their knees from time to time.

When your parent quits driving can be an especially difficult time because they realize they are losing their independence and you are left navigating their emotions and the financial and legal world of insuring their vehicle. If you sell the vehicle then the decisions are easy. But what if you are wanting to keep it? “Should my parent continue to insure it even though they are not driving it?” “Is my parent paying more to insure their vehicle due to their age?” “Can I just add their vehicle to my insurance policy?”  Have you ever found yourself asking these questions? You are not alone. We get asked these questions all the time. The truth is, every situation is different, but there are some general guidelines that can help you sort through your next steps.

Start here…

The key thing to do before determining a plan of action is to determine who has insurable interest in the vehicle? Having insurable interest means that you are financially at risk if the property is damaged. Another way to look at this is who owns the title of the vehicle? If the vehicle is titled to the parent, then they technically have insurable interest in the vehicle. You technically cannot insure a vehicle that you do not have insurable interest in. People do it all the time, but you should note that the consequences are a major headache or possible denial come claim time.

Then consider…

Premium is a hot button in the insurance industry, rightfully so. Before making any changes to ownership of the vehicle you will want to consider how it might affect premiums. You will want to consider how changes will affect your insurance and theirs.

  • Multi-Policy Discount– Your parent may very well be paying more premium due to their age; however, cancelling their auto policy could result in loss of multi policy discount if they are still living at home. This might offset any savings your parents would receive from cancelling the auto policy.
  • Continuous Coverage on Homeowners– Cancelling your parent’s auto policy could also cause their homeowner’s insurance to be cancelled by the company. Some companies do not accept stand-alone home insurance policies. A cancellation could place them in a substandard market and equal large increases in rates.


You can contact our office for answers to additional questions you may have or to obtain a quote for your elderly parents insurance. We can tailor a package that specifically meets their needs and guide you through how to handle this transition.


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