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What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding season is approaching. Brides have undoubtedly been planning for months to make sure everything is just as they imagined it since childhood. All this planning leads up to an event that lasts a few hours but the memories will last a lifetime. The numerous decisions and expenses that go into planning a wedding add a lot of pressure to the day running smoothly. Unfortunately, there is considerable room for error with the many unpredictable and unmanageable details of the day.

Wedding insurance is one of the ways you can remove some of the stress by insuring the unpredictable elements of a wedding. The price ranges depending on number of guests and the level of coverage. To determine if wedding insurance is worth purchasing you first need to understand what coverage it provides.

Cancellation or Postponement

Though cancellation of the event may be necessary and unavoidable the honoree is not always released of contractual expenses. Wedding insurance can reimburse forfeited deposits.  This can include transportation, catering services, property and equipment rentals, venue rentals, accommodations, flowers, entertainment and more.

Additional Expenses

Additional expense can provide coverage for certain unexpected expenses incurred to avoid cancellation or postponement of the event.

Event Photographs/Video

Your wedding insurance policy will pay reasonable expenses to retake the event photographs or video in a comparable setting if your photographer or videographer is a no show. It can also provide coverage if your photographer or videographer is unable to produce or deliver the original photos or videos because of a film or camera malfunction.

Event Gifts

Did you know that a wedding insurance policy also provides some coverage for physical loss or damage to gifts? To be eligible the damage must occur on the event date or up to 7 days before the event to gifts that were located at the honoree’s residence, the event location, or the residence of an immediate family member. This does not include theft, or misplacement of cash or gift cards.

Special Attire

If you are traveling to a destination for a wedding then you will want this coverage! Has an airline ever lost your luggage? Thought so. This coverage comes into play if a wedding gown or tuxedo is lost or damaged.

Special Jewelry

We all laugh at the romantic comedies when the best man loses the ring, but that isn’t quite as funny in real life. Unless you have special jewelry coverage under your wedding insurance policy! This will provide coverage if an honoree’s wedding band is lost or damaged. Hold on to those rings folks!

Lost Deposits

Venues go out of business all the time. You assume that you are working with a reputable business. But what if your venue, caterer or other important party goes out of business before your event? What is a bride to do? Wedding insurance policies contain coverage for lost deposits. This coverage reimburses the honoree for lost deposits if a vendor goes out of business before your event or simply fails to show up.


All wedding insurance policies are not created equal. Consult with an agent before purchasing to help ensure you have the coverage you need and understand what is excluded from coverage. Meeting with an agent also opens doors for planning your personal insurance after the vows!

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