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Paying Homage To Whom It Is Due

By June 6, 2019Extras
D Day

History intrigues me as it is filled with stories of men and women of gallantry. They paved the path for the world as we enjoy it today. I hope we never lose sight of the sacrifices many of them made, in times of war or peace, for the freedoms we enjoy today. Not every battle is physical, but today we want to honor the allied troops that fought together during the costly campaign to free Europe from the Nazi occupation.

Their bravery and commitment to a cause larger than themselves & their own countries is unparalleled. The significance of D-Day often overshadows the many months they continued to fight. While it was a victory to celebrate, it was not the end of the war. It cost many young lives. Gone too soon but a sense of pride in their efforts. Memorial Day has passed.It is so easy for us to fall back into our comfortable lives and routines.

Let us not forget today and every day, the history of this country. The forces that joined us to overcome a much greater obstacle. The bravery that was seen. The blood that was shed. And the freedoms that were won.

D-Day is a military term that refers to the beginning date of an operation. For us today, it is a reminder of the determination, dauntlessness, and devotion these soldiers had in serving their country and fellowman.