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How To Prevent Slip & Fall Claims at Your Business

The cold chill of winter appears to have come early this year for Paducah, Kentucky! Our community usually experiences snow a few times throughout January and February. We had our first snow covering in November this year! As we inch toward December we need to prepare for the possibility of more wintry weather. Snow and low temperatures bring icy conditions on streets and sidewalks. These conditions can lead to slip and fall claims. Slip & Fall claims are one of the more costly types of claims for a business. These types of accidents can happen any time of year from various causes but do tend to increase during the winter weather months.

Unfortunately, we can’t take winter off just because we don’t enjoy being out in the wintry conditions. Life must go on. So we have compiled a checklist of 10 different things you can do to deal with winter weather and protect your business from slip & fall claims.

Preventing Slip & Fall Claims:

  1. Watch the weather and don’t be caught by surprise.
  2.  Treat all exterior areas where you expect to have pedestrian traffic. Inspect and treat hazardous areas often.
  3.  Make sure exterior lighting is sufficient during the shorter daylight hours.
  4. Clear walkways of debris, ice or snow.
  5. Clear parking surface of ice or snow.
  6.  Ensure interior floors remain dry as people tracking in ice and snow will lead to slippery floors.
  7. Educate and train all employees on how to recognize and address possible slip, trip or fall conditions.
  8. If you contract out for snow and ice removal, make certain your contractor is insured.
  9.  Be aware of your cities requirements for treating ice and snow removal. Many cities have specific time frames for action to be taken.
  10. Take all care to keep floors dry. Using signage gives people an extra warning of slippery conditions.


For more information on risks your business faces this winter, check out this article from our partner The Hartford : 4 Major Risks Your Small Business Faces in Winter


This list is not comprehensive and following these steps will not ensure that your business will not have any slip & fall claims. This list is designed to decrease your chance of loss by giving suggestions on dealing with and clearing winter weather. This was written as information for business owners; however, it can also be applied to homeowners regarding sidewalks and driveways.