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How To Prevent Frozen Pipe Accidents

freezing temperatures

How to prevent frozen pipes may seem obvious to those living in the northern region of the United States.  The southern region of the United States is not as prone to frozen pipes as other areas so we have less experience. The possibility of frozen pipes does exist in the southern states during the coldest days of winter. Frozen pipe accidents are some of the most costly and damaging cold weather incidents.  Protecting your home or business from frozen pipes should be one of your top priorities when the temperature dips. Prevention and preparation are key. Many water related losses such as frozen pipes could be avoided but proper education must come first.

Click here for a complete list of tips provided by our insurance partner, The Hartford, to protect your commercial property from frozen pipe accidents. The same tips can apply to your residential properties as well. Click here to learn more about our agency, the services we provide and how we can provide the right insurance for your business or personal assets.

Stay warm friends!