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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The most common resolutions every year are to lose weight or spend wiser but we usually fall off the wagon after a couple of months.  What’s the deal? Maybe it is because we aren’t specific enough about our goals. We resolve to do it but don’t set ourselves up with a plan for success. We are challenging you to break that mold in 2019!

Write Out Your Resolutions

Research says that writing down your goals gives you a level of accountability to yourself. Many companies have made it their life’s work to create daily motivational tools to help you define your goals and narrow down the steps needed to reach them. Ryder Carroll created the Bullet Journal Method which focuses on tracking the past, giving order to the present and designing the future. You can learn more about this method here. Rachel Hollis of Hollis Co. created her own journal called the Start Today Journal that links gratitude and goal setting as partner components in making your goals come to life.  You can learn more about Hollis Co. or purchase your own Start Today Journal here. (We do not get any kickbacks from these organizations. We are merely recommending aids we have found helpful in determining personal goals and meeting them!)

Utilize Your Local Business Relationships

 Scheduling an appointment with your various business advisors may be the best way for you to meet some of your personal resolutions for 2019. Want to save more money in the new year? Schedule an appointment with your local insurance agent to make sure your coverage is still right for you. Your needs may have changed and your coverage can be reduced in areas. Maybe you would qualify for products like telematics that help consumers save on auto insurance.  Meeting with your trusted advisors at least once a year allows you to see what products have changed or been added to their services. For example, your local insurance agent might also be a Certified Financial Planner that can help you set up a plan for retirement savings. Doing business online and piecing together from various providers can be convenient and cheap. Did you know you can receive the same, often better, benefits when working with a local business professionals? Working with an advisor will also keep you accountable to your goal as they will check in and update your plan as you go.

Reward Yourself At Benchmarks Along The Way 

Great things don’t happen overnight. That is why you give yourself 365 days to meet your New Year’s resolutions!  Breaking your big picture goals down into smaller goals gives you something reasonable to achieve while working towards the big picture goal. Stay positive by rewarding yourself as you meet benchmarks along the way.

Don’t Give Up

We set new resolutions every year because we let the hectic pace of life distract us from our goals and then we give up. The most important step is not to give up or get discouraged because life interrupted your plans. Tomorrow is a new day. 2019 is a new year. The only one controlling your outcome is you!


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