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Does homeowners insurance include flood coverage ?

Flood Damage

Is flood damage covered?

Flood waters were on the rise in the early spring of 2018 in Paducah, Kentucky. The city even went so far as to install the flood wall. More rain was on the horizon so flooding was only going to get worse. Thankfully the flood damage that did occur was minor. As the community witnessed the increasing water levels they began to question insurance coverage for flood damage. Most consumers do not realize that flood coverage is not typically provided by their homeowners policy. Insurance verbiage classifies flooding as outside water coming in.

How to purchase flood insurance:

Flood insurance is a government program and is sold as a stand-alone policy so it is not typically tacked on to a homeowners policy. Some insurance companies do offer flood coverage but this is not standard in the industry. Most insurance agents have access to this government program. Your agent will want to know some basic information about the construction of your home and your home’s replacement cost.

How to decide if you need flood insurance :

Your time is valuable. You can find out if you need flood insurance in 5 minutes or less with our quick quote option. Our quick quote system can determine your flood zone by entering your address.

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