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Are there special policies I need to know about for my college student?


It is a good idea to reach out to your insurance agent any time a major change is happening within your household. Going to college is no exception.

Going to college is an exciting time in your child’s life. It can also open the door for some gaps in insurance coverage. Every carrier is different. A conversation with an agent about your specific policy will clue you in on any changes you need to make or prepare for.

Typically, the homeowner’s policy will provide up to 10% of the Coverage C listed on your declarations page for your student’s personal property.  This is typically while living in student housing and a full time student under the age of 24.

Your auto policy will also typically extend coverage to your student away at school. Parents should know that their child lending their vehicle could have a negative impact on your insurance. Any time your child lets someone borrow their vehicle, they are also allowing that person to borrow their insurance.

The goal for any parent is to get their kid to school safely and enjoy years of happiness, success, and safety. We want to help you feel at peace knowing your kid is protected wherever they go in life. We want the same for your kids so please reach out to one of our agents. Our agents will ensure your policy provides you the coverage you need as your family enters a new chapter.

If your child is struggling to find a college then check out We are not affiliated with but believe it is a helpful tool for kids and parents trying to find a college that fits their child’s needs. 



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