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Auto Insurance Declarations

Insurance policies are only for a set term. They renew every 6 months to a year depending on the type of coverage in place. Each time a policy renews, the consumer receives an updated declarations page.  It seems like every time you turn around you receive a renewal auto declarations page from your insurance company. Our natural tendency can be to open it, read the premium, and then toss it. We agree that the premium is a very important thing to take into consideration and should be reviewed. However, the importance of your auto declarations page doesn’t end there.  Here are 3 components of your auto declarations page that you do not want to neglect.


Maybe you have had a child move out of your residence since the last time your policy was updated. Maybe you have had a child get their official license. Your declarations page will tell you which drivers are covered under your policy. The driver’s listed on your declarations page need to match the current resident relatives of driving age in your household. If they don’t match, then you need to contact your agent. There could be negative consequences to your coverage.


When was the last time you looked at the coverage on your vehicle? Are you still paying for comprehensive and collision coverage on your 1998 vehicle? It may have made sense when you first added the car many years ago but is it still the right thing for you today? Have you looked over your liability limits? It is possible that the liability you needed when you first took out your policy was much lower than what is needed as your assets have increased through the years.


It is very rare that people forget to notify their agent of vehicle changes, but it can happen. Or perhaps you made several changes right at the end of your term causing several different declarations pages to generate. You want to make sure you have on file the most recent copy by confirming the listed vehicles match the current vehicles under your ownership.


We offer our clients an annual renewal review with the intentions of taking the best care of our clients and catching any gaps in coverage before they present a problem for our client. The client also has some responsibility in reviewing their policy each term and asking their agent whether coverages still apply or need to be added. We don’t expect you to read through the entire insurance policy word for word (unless you are having trouble sleeping at night). But even looking over these three areas in detail will help make sure your coverage is up to date from term to term.



If your coverage doesn’t match your current situation then reach out to one of our agents. We’d love to quote you the correct coverage at a better value than your current insurer is providing.

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