Medicare Supplement options in Western Kentucky.

Original Medicare covers 80% of your medical expenses. Medicare Supplements are designed to work in conjunction with Medicare to fill in the coverage gaps.  We believe they are an important part of your medical coverage in retirement. Our experts will show you how they can benefit you.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Medicare due to the various types of plans and periods of eligibility. We are here to simplify the process for you. Whether you are purchasing a Medicare Supplement for the first time or just want to make sure that your Medicare Supplement plan is still the best fit for you; we can help.

It is important that you work with a licensed professional as you navigate this time in your life. As you enter your retirement years and transition to a fixed income, you want to make the best decisions with your finances.

Did you know?

  • There is a 6-month period, when you turn 65 and have Medicare Part A & B, during which you can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan without medical underwriting.
  • You only have access to open enrollment one time, but you can change your Medicare Supplement plan at any time.
  • Sometimes medical underwriting can actually reduce your premium as you age if you are healthy.

As independent agents we represent multiple companies so that we can provide you with the most competitive rate. We will work closely with you to choose the plan that is right for you. Our agents are educated and trained on the different products and plans available to you.

We have been in the insurance industry since 1867 so we have a solid foundation in the way insurance works. Our licensed professionals will offer you guidance as you begin the process.

Let’s discuss your Medicare Supplement options.

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Bradshaw & Weil, Inc. offers comprehensive Medicare Supplement planning throughout Western Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois.