Bradshaw & Weil was founded in 1867 by Abram Weil with a vision of providing security and protection from catastrophic loss to the citizens of Paducah, KY and its surrounding communities.

Allowing his clientele to put their worry and stress into his hands gave them the opportunity to enjoy life and pursue their dreams knowing they were well protected. Over 150 years later, our mission remains the same. We have partnered with several different insurance companies to provide options and meet the needs of our community.
What Makes Us Unique

Bradshaw & Weil, Inc. has been locally owned and operated in downtown Paducah, KY since 1867. We survived the flood of 1937 alongside other downtown businesses and residents at that time. That experience serves as a catalyst for what we do.

In 2017, we celebrated our 150th anniversary. We also re-launched our financial planning division. We are doing big things because we have big visions for ourselves and our clients. We have years behind us and miles before us. Our past has taught us the importance of being physically present for our clients. There is something to be said for being able to call a local number and speak with a person not a machine or stopping in for a cup of coffee and conversation with your agent.

Looking ahead we see a generation that is busy and won’t always have the time to come by or call. We have designed an interactive website that will allow quote requests and a communication portal to be accessed from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

By working with us, you are opening the doors to securing your entire financial picture. Purchasing the right insurance will help sustain you during a catastrophic event. Working with a financial planner will help you make decisions right now and when looking at your retirement future.