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Home Insurance

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments you can make in life. Maybe you plan to start small with a “fixer upper”.  Or perhaps you have moved on to the next phase of your life where you plan to purchase your dream home and settle there for many years to come. Even if you are fresh out of college and only renting an apartment for now, you are susceptible to property and liability risks. The truth is, natural disaster can strike at any time. That dream home you invested so much in could be completely wiped away in one single tornado. Someone could have an accident on your property due to your negligence and leave you suffocating financially from the weight of medical bills, legal fees and material damages owed. Insurance is a way to protect your investment. Our job is to walk you through that process and provide you with the proper coverage. Whether you own a home, condo or are simply renting we have a market to address your exposures. 


 Comprehensive Risk Review

At Bradshaw & Weil, Inc. we offer each of our clients what we call a comprehensive risk review. The purpose of this risk review is to really learn about each client we work with. This gives us the chance to not only develop a deeper relationship with each client but also to ensure we are meeting their needs. Home based businesses open up different liability exposures and gaps in coverage than the average consumer might be aware of, for example. Insurance is really a case by case product and can't accurately be compared with friends or relatives. Each client we work with has had specific needs and exposures.